Blog: Past And Future


For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, Spice DAO began with three goals:

  1. to acquire the Dune Bible and make it public to the extent permitted by law
  2. to produce an original animated limited series
  3. to support derivative projects from the community

In the past four months Spice DAO has over performed and delivered the latter two goals by forging unprecedented working relationships with pop culture and Hollywood professionals to grow into a Web3 production studio publishing sci-fi animation and NFTs from established writers and artists. Internally the core team’s motto has been “Growth Through Partnerships” and we have been aggressively pursuing a business development strategy to acquire original IP from community members and license new and existing IP from mainstream creators to develop content that will onboard the next million users to Web3.

We’ve never forgotten that it was the Dune Bible that brought us all together. Since the auction, like-minded pop culture enthusiasts have been voting as a DAO on some of the most exciting proposals in crypto: to hold a Writing Competition and acquire original IP from the community; develop that IP into a multi-million dollar animation; welcome Award-winning screenwriter Phil Gelatt (who wrote season one of Netflix’s “Love, Death + Robots”) to work on the animation; and legendary creator Frank Miller (who wrote and illustrated “300”, “Sin City” and “The Dark Knight Returns”) to create a 10K NFT collection; and support community members who have delivered our branding, merch and website.

These accomplishments have NFT industry leaders comparing Spice DAO to Yuga Labs, RTFKT, Pixel Vault and PleasrDAO. What we have accomplished in a quarter of the time of these rarified projects is truly impressive and we continue building at a rapid pace.

The next phase of our growth is to build a proprietary decentralized storytelling protocol. We are pioneering decentralized storytelling in Web3 as a new form of collaborative media that is directed, steered and owned by the community itself. We are a content incubator, a crypto native think tank which has been commercialized and monetized by the community that acts as collective author of each project. Spice DAO is gamifying user-created content which engages the community to actively participate in the process of creation rather than passively experiencing it.

The first project we would like to adapt using these new smart contracts is the Dune Bible. As the co-owners of edition number five of the Dune Bible every Spice DAO member belongs to a very exclusive club. Let’s work together to make the contents public once and for all!