Closed - Original Series - Writing Competition


A writing competition to generate original IP that Spice DAO will own and control 100% ourselves to be developed into an original animated limited series.


The first step in the development of Spice DAO’s original animated limited series is to create original IP that we own and control 100% ourselves. The Core Team wants to make sure we kick things off in a way that ensures the DAO community is able to express its preferences and sentiments. We all agree that an original sci-fi series is what we want to create.

Accordingly, the Core Team would like to propose holding a writer’s competition for two weeks with submissions formatted as Series Bibles. A Series Bible is a high-level overview of a narrative project that covers its synopsis, setting, characters, themes and summaries of each episode. After two weeks a shortlist of the most popular entries will be voted on as a Snapshot for 72 hrs to determine the winner.


Hold a writer’s competition for two weeks. This will create the longlist. A shortlist of the most popular entries will be voted on as a Snapshot for 72 hrs to determine the winner. The winner will receive a payment in USDC in exchange for the rights. The winning series bible will be the starting point for the original animated series production.

Entries should be between 5-15 pages and consist of the following:

  • Logline
  • Series Arc / Story Summary
  • Setting
  • Tone
  • Theme
  • Characters
  • Episodic Summary


We’d also like to know what you think is an appropriate payout to the winner in exchange for signing over their rights to the content they submitted. We are thinking of a contest purse in the range of 10,000 USDC to 50,000 USDC.

Jan. 21 - 23, 2022 - Gather community feedback on Discourse

Jan. 23 - 26, 2022 - Vote on Snapshot to implement Writer’s Competition that incorporates feedback from the community



Hello, as having experience in publishing, you wouldn’t be able to take unsolicited proposals, but need to create a legal contract that anyone submitting story ideas would sign in order to prevent any legal entanglements.

Other than that, it would be interesting to see some of the various ideas that people can come up with!

We will have a waiver for the winner to sign to close the deal. They are not obligated to sign, but signing is necessary to collect the purse.

  1. Would concept art be accepted as part of the package if made available by the candidate?

  2. Would the DAO consider giving the winner an option to join the creative team for the development of the story? Should seem fair that if the winner is able to pitch a story that is found favorable by the community that they should be able to remain as an active influence in executing that story. To an official capacity.

  1. No
  2. We will be hiring a professional writer with Hollywood credits to make the package more attractive to potential buyers. The pro writer will use their own discretion in adapting/rewriting the winning series bible.
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What does the community think about adding a percentage of the IP backend as part of the contest purse? Including any potential additional seasons, comic series, and other IP-associated works.

Also, should the winner receive a writing credit for creating the story?

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The core team strongly believes in making the DAO’s IP CC0

Writing credit on finished package will be determined by WGA rules

What is the purpose of hiring a “professional writer” other than polishing the Bible? And what constitutes “professional”? Do they have to be a WGA card holder? Do you already have e this writer in mind? What if an applicant has a Hollywood ready Bible?

Where will our writers get the source material (the jorodowski work Dune Bible) to make the show pitch? Can we get information on what the core team are looking to see for a general direction on the pitch?

Also, we hear “limited series”. How many episodes? 4, 8, 16? Answers to questions like these will help writers determine the scope of the story they pitch.

The purpose of hiring a professional writer is to help sell the series to a streaming service. Buyers acquire properties that have name brand talent attached.

We will only accept submissions for original IP that the author can prove they created and own 100%. We will not accept submissions of copyrighted material in any way, shape or form. For example: no fan fiction.

6 episodes, 22 mins each

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Studios are MUCH more interested in directors than writers. Is it a union writer? It sounds like you guys already have a writer hired.

For example, one of our DAO members is working for the creator of Samurai Jack. Maybe pitching to him and bringing him on as a “producer” would be something to entice studios. But a name brand writer? Not exactly a thing in Hollywood unless you work your way up to show runner - like Michael Schurr was given carte Blanche to create “The Good Place” only AFTER working on The Office, show running “Parks and Rec” and working for 7 years on SNL.

Also, why not get actors interested instead? If you are a studio would you rather buy a show written by Lawrence Kasdan or staring Mila Kunis?

We are interviewing pro writers for the next 3 weeks. Any hiring will happen as a Snapshot vote by the community.

We’d love to take a meeting with the creator of Samurai Jack. DM us on twitter (@thespicedao)

An actor will only commit to a project with a screenplay. Now you understand why we are prioritizing the script over actors at the moment :slight_smile:

But an actor isn’t going to care which writer wrote the script, just that it’s good.