Closed - Spice DAO Writing Competition

Welcome to the Spice DAO Writing Competition. The Core Team has proposed to hold a writing competition to purchase original IP that we can develop into an original animated limited series. We are interested in Speculative fiction submissions only and particularly science fiction. Submissions close on Feb. 6 at 5pm EST.


Entries should be presented in this order:

  1. Project Title, Your Pseudonym or Name & Date
  2. Logline (50 word limit)
  3. Story Summary (1,000 word limit)
  4. Main Character Descriptions (50 word limit)
  5. Setting Descriptions (50 word limit)
  6. Episode Summaries (100 word limit per)
  7. Tone (100 word limit)
  8. Theme (100 word limit)
  9. Your Contact Information (Social Media or IRL)

Submit by creating a New Topic here in this forum titled “Writing Competition Submission - Your Project Title”.


First Place (Winner) - 15,000 USDC
Second Place (Runner Up) - 5,000 USDC
Third Place (Runner Up) - 2,500 USDC


Jan. 23 - 5pm EST - Competition Opens
Feb. 6 - 5pm EST - Competition Closes
Feb. 6 - 5-8pm EST - Core Team Compiles Shortlist Based On Most Popular Entries (Views, Likes and Comments)
Feb. 6 - 8pm EST - Shortlist Goes Live On Snapshot (Top 3 Entries)
Feb. 9 - 8pm EST - Winner and Runners Up Decided By Community Vote


Do not include any images.

Do not submit your work if it is not for sale.

Do not submit your work if you cannot prove it is original IP and that you created it.

A waiver renouncing all rights to the work in perpetuity must be signed to collect your prize.


“A waiver renouncing all rights in perpetuity must be signed to collect your prize.”

All rights? Including rights to attribution? Will the winner of the contest be credited as the creator of the story in the final product?

That is an excellent question. The winning Series Bible will be adapted by a professional screenwriter hired once the competition closes to further develop the Series Bible and create the screenplays for all six episodes each twenty-two minutes in length. Credit will be shared by both writers.