Deploy Treasury Assets to Generate Income via Vesper Earn

Deploy treasury assets to generate income, which can be used to extend budget and runway.

Deposit 750 of the 1,251 ETH in the treasury multi-sig to the ETH-DAI Vesper Earn pool, which deploys ETH deposits to earn yield and converts to DAI (plus an additional VSP boost).

There are no fees on the principle at any stage, just a performance fee from yield earned. The Vesper Earn ETH-DAI pool records a consistent ~6% APY - though I forecast that will increase closer to 8% with improved strategies nearing deployment.

See the pool here: Vesper App | ETH+DAI | Ethereum


Many projects have difficulty managing yield-bearing positions on treasury assets due to the difficulty associated with accessing those positions. Vesper Earn is designed specifically for absolute ease-of-use. There is no fee on deposit, withdrawal, or principle, meaning the depositor can always take out what they put in. Depositing and withdrawing is one simple transaction, as is claiming rewards.

Rewards are paid out in stablecoin, not compounded, so multi-sig wallets can easily access the earnings without needing to daisychain several complex transactions together.

Vesper is situated as the secure, sustainable yield aggregator. All pools and strategies go through two rounds of independent audits and the team is comprised of some of the most accomplished veterans in the space.



My name is Zane Huffman (I go by Green Jeff/Jeffthebaker online). I have been in the space since 2013, working for most of that time. I founded Governor DAO and also work as head of strategy at Vesper Finance. I am a top 25 $SPICE holder (greenjeff.eth) and asked my mom for the Dune trilogy for Christmas so I could become well accustomed to the Dune universe (am about 150 pages into the first book).


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Separately, I think it would be worthwhile to convert some of the treasury to DAI and utilize DAI-WBTC Vesper Earn, which pays out in WBTC. This would give the treasury stablecoin stability and high yield, plus a well diversified exposure to ETH/DAI/WBTC.

DAI-WBTC earn has realized a very impressive 32% APY (~12% in WBTC and 20% in VSP).

Additionally, successful implementation of this proposal can unlock fruitful co-marketing for both projects - Spice and Vesper can respectively signal each other’s projects towards their respective communities

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