Dune video game documentary to support the forthcoming animated series

A documentary on a Dune related video game to generate interest in the forthcoming animated series.
– The exact game will be chosen by the Spice DAO community.
– Spice DAO will be featured front and center as a partner in its production.

The Dune franchise encompasses a total of 11 video games with highlights being Dune II (1992) which defined RTS games as a genre and two titles planned for release in 2022 including Dune: Spice Wars (Dune: Spice Wars on Steam) which is in Early Access on Steam.

Preservation Quest would create not only a documentary telling the story of the development and community around a video game based in the Dune universe (to be chosen by the Spice DAO) but also auxiliary content such as digital museum exhibits (Online Exhibits — Google Arts & Culture) and numerous 60 second documentaries to generate hype for it and the forthcoming animation.

This would allow the Spice DAO to reach and relate to a far more diverse audience who may otherwise not be exposed to their productions.

With the community and expertise of the Spice DAO to draw from Preservation Quest would be able to offer the first (much less video game based) documentary to have a substantial presence in the NFT ecosystem:

Posting pages from development documents, concept art, snippets of interviews, and much more as tie ins to generate buzz for the documentary are all options. PQ and the Spice DAO would be setting precedents for what multimedia truly means in the 21st Century.

A Preservation Quest production is unique in and off itself: this documentary won’t just document the history of a video game, but will imbue the work itself with what makes video games powerful.

Zaniness, off the wall insanity, a touch of madness, and creativity honed through having a Team brought together because of their part in 8 video game documentary and related productions are powerful forces to call upon.

Have a world exclusive sneak peak at the title screen from our forthcoming Doomentary to see exactly what I mean -

– Timeline: We’d work closely with the Spice DAO to time the release of our documentary to best benefit marketing for the forthcoming animation.

– Budget: $850,000 which comes out to $340,000 per broadcast hour.
— This is significantly lower than the industry average.

Preservation Quest is a start up 501(c)3 non-profit encompassing a Team of 18 researchers, writers, video producers, and artists from all over the world with three key missions:

  1. To save every video game. Ever.
  2. To tell the stories of not just the developers of a video game, but also of their communities who defined its culture.
  3. To use video games for the benefit of humanity.

See a video outlining these missions at PQ! ~ Our Mission - YouTube

On top of these goals our Team has experience in more than 8 video game related documentaries and productions including:

Mother to Earth

Arcade Dreams

We’re uniquely positioned to provide the experience, ability, talent, and style to represent and connect people to the Spice DAO through the powerful and culturally significant medium of video games.



Really respect the work your non-profit plans to do. I learned more about the history of video games by reading David Kushner’s “Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture” and watching Blake Harris’ documentary “Console Wars”.

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