Job Posting: Lead Developer

Add a new member to the Core Team, a Lead Developer (CTO), to help us scale the DAO’s operations.

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Lead Developer

Spice DAO is a Web3 production studio publishing sci-fi animation and NFTs from established writers and artists.

The DAO was founded by 800+ pop culture enthusiasts that crowdfunded $12M to win the auction of the Dune Bible at Christie’s Paris in November 2021 for $3M.

We are currently producing an original animated limited series to be distributed by a streaming service and are opening an NFT studio that provides white glove service to high profile creators to develop strategy and concepts; design and build technology products; and advise on marketing campaigns to onboard the next million users to Web3.

The DAO is led by a Core Team of four individuals and our multisig includes Soban Saqib, co-founder of Ex Populus; Deeze, Director Of Vibes at; and Charlotte Fang, founder of Remilia Collective who created the sold out 10K NFT project Milady Maker.

The DAO has been featured in The Guardian, The New Yorker, Financial Times, Business Insider, Wired Magazine and more mainstream news outlets. We have a combined following of 10K+ on social media.

We are looking for a crypto native software developer with two years of proven experience writing Solidity smart contracts (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155) and building dApps on the Ethereum blockchain. Familiarity with the Web3 ecosystem (OSS, DeFi, MEV, NFT, DAO) is essential. Ability to do security reviews and advanced skills in mathematics is preferred. Self-taught and hacker credentials are a bonus.

The Lead Developer will join the Core Team who work remotely and anonymously.

A six figure salary will be negotiated and paid monthly in USDC.

Please DM us on Twitter (@thespicedao) with a short summary of your work.

Contact Us:
Twitter: @thespicedao

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Cost of Developer
Developers are the most sought after talent in Web3 and compensation is highly competitive. A six figure salary will be negotiated and paid monthly in USDC.