Merch For Writing Competition Participants

Send Spice DAO hoodies to the 14 participants of the DAO’s Writing Competition.

As a way to reward the hard work and effort of those who participated in the Writing Competition, a foundational event that led to the creation of the DAO’s upcoming original animated series, the DAO will ship to each competition participant one Spice DAO hoodie of their chosen size. Once hoodies are delivered, the DAO will encourage recepients to share images of their hoodies to be featured on official Spice DAO social media.


Giveaways are a vital way to increase brand awareness, and getting people to wear the Spice DAO logo is an essential step leading to growth. What better candidates to spread the word than those who have already invested their time in the DAO’s activities?

Budget & Timeline

Participants will receive a complimentary hoodie, free of charge. The DAO will pay cost of shipping for the 14 participants out of treasury, range of $200-$500 USD.

May: Outreach to participants to confirm interest and collect shipping information. Securing the necessary number of hoodies to be reserved for recipients.
June: Ship hoodies to recepients.
July/August: Follow up to confirm receipt and feature photos of recepients with their hoodies on Spice DAO social media (with consent of recepients).

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Cool idea, I like it. Also sets precedent for ongoing utility for participating in these kinds of events, if the DAO plans more in the future.

Imo this is a relatively small but solid way to demonstrate the DAO’s interest in small-time (or pre-pro? :eyes:) creators, as it simultaneously pursues partnerships with more established industry pros. Maybe these kinds of offers could even be built in to future events as participation giveaways? Like as additional runner-up prizes, recipients would actually have to place in some way. (That way we don’t just get a flood of joke submissions). Ideally there would be even more participants in the future!

But for the here and now, I think this is a great idea for the 14 who participated in the inaugural event.

I agree this will set a precedent, which is why it’s important to get it right.

My first impression is the stakes are much too small. Incentives to participate in the Writing Competition included three prizes (15,000 USDC for 1st place; 5,000 USDC for 2nd place; 2,500 USDC for 3rd place) and the opportunity to have your work adapted by an Emmy Award-winning screenwriter and developed into a multi-million dollar production.

4 months later we’re retroactively offering the participants… a… hoodie? What? The Writing Competition ended on Feb. 9 and the Writer’s Room has been working for 4 weeks now. Why is this proposal happening now?

Now let’s think about the individuals that benefit directly. Do the 14 participants even WANT a free hoodie? This proposal would be stronger if it indicated participation from those 14 individuals. Please include commitments from all 14 to “wear the Spice DAO logo… to spread the word” and that they agree to “feature photos with their hoodies on Spice DAO social media”. (I find the idea of posting photos on social media unrealistic and highly problematic since it goes against the Web3 philosophy of anonymity.) If you can’t get the 14 individuals to support your proposal, why should the other 800 $SPICE hodlers? Also, why is this proposal only benefitting 14 individuals? What about every member that cast a vote on Snapshot using their $SPICE? They were just as important in the overall process.

Another fact to consider: Spice DAO merch is for Spice DAO members since it can only be purchased with $SPICE. The majority of the 14 participants in the Writing Competition were not even Spice DAO members! Why would they wear merch that is only for $SPICE hodlers? The proposal should address this.

If you are able to reconcile the points above I would be more than happy to re-consider your proposal.

As one of the 14 participants, I am interested ina hoodie and I commit to posting to social media in the nature described by the proposal.

iirc this idea has been bouncing around for awhile now. Is there an expiration date for good ideas?

Judging from the language of the proposal it seems like this idea stands to benefit all spice holders. It boosts reach, brand awareness, and makes the community overall more fun.

More bodies wearing hoodies = more people who want to buy spice

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Here’s where I find there’s a very concerning discrepancy in the messaging coming from the core team.

Kortelin’s position seems to be very firmly that any proposal for use of the DAO’s funds should benefit every spice holder.

They also stated that position on Discord in a reply on May 11th where they said “props should benefit every member.”

Now that’s a perfectly reasonable position. But it stands entirely at odds with the proposal to take 30 members of the DAO out for a hundred dollar a head high tea in Manhattan.

Obviously any standard applied to one of these suggestions should apply equally to the other. So the question then becomes, why is there such an obvious discrepancy here?

Kortelin, do you agree that the Manhattan tea proposal is against your stated principle that proposals should benefit every member?

If so, why was the proposal put forward? Did you object and were overruled? Does the core team agree on your standard for proposals, or are you in the minority here?

These would seem to be very important questions for the DAO as a whole to know the answers to. If there is a standard for what constitutes a valid proposal, it should be applied equally, without preference or prejudice. If the core team is not in agreement over what that standard is, there should presumably be an open discussion so that DAO members can weigh in, yes?

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Well, after so many months, I guess there are only a few people left from the original 14 who submitted their scripts.

But I have nothing else to do, so I would have no problem to promote the brand a little bit.
And if in the future I get more possibilities for other things, that’s fine with me.

If anything comes up let me know, good luck people.

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UPDATE: Out of the 14 competition participants, 10 have been contacted. 9 indicate full support and 1 is not interested in receiving merch.

Will continue to secure feedback from the remaining 4, unless kortelin decides this progress is personally satisfactory.