Phil Gelatt x Titmouse x Spice DAO

Phil Gelatt x Titmouse x Spice DAO

Hire Emmy Award-winning screenwriter of Netflix series Love, Death + Robots Phil Gelatt to adapt the Dolkoroth concept written by Default Triangle (Winner of our Writing Competition) and prepare a comprehensive series bible for a six episode original animated limited series, and hire award-winning Los Angeles animation studio Titmouse to create the concept art.

A Writer’s Room will be created lead by Phil Gelatt as screenwriter and Core Team members Charlotte Fang and Kortelin as Executive Producers representing the DAO. Writing will commence on May 1, 2022 and be completed by June 15, 2022. The series bible will then be given to Titmouse to create the concept art. The series bible and concept art will be included in the package which will be shopped to streaming services (see Snapshot proposal Animated Series Sale Strategy approved on Jan 26, 2022).

Spice DAO will become the first Web3 project to collaborate with an Emmy Award-winning Hollywood screenwriter. Titmouse is currently working with NFT project Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult to produce a short animated trailer.

To fulfill the DAO’s mandate to produce an original animated limited series and sell it to a streaming service we needed content that we owned 100% of the rights of. We held a Writing Competition and acquired three sci-fi properties that could be developed into any media. By hiring Phil Gelatt we will further develop content we own into a refined, professional and sellable product. Hiring Titmouse will help us create professional animation industry-standard art including designs for characters, costumes, settings, environments, machines and other props.

Total Cost: $150,000 USD
May 1 - Writing begins on series bible
June 15 - Completed series bible is delivered
June 22 - Concept art begins
July 29 - Concept art is delivered

Philip Gelatt is an American film screenwriter, director and producer. In 2021 he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program for the episode Ice from Season 1 of Love, Death + Robots on Netflix. He co-wrote and co-directed the 2D adult animated dark fantasy horror film The Spine of Night which premiered at South By Southwest in 2021 where it was acquired by Shudder, a streaming service owned by RLJE Films. In 2016 he won the Writers Guild of America’s Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing for Rise Of The Tomb Raider on Xbox One.

Twitter: @pmjeepers

Titmouse is an independent award-winning animation production company that has produced animated series including The Legend Of Vox Machina (Amazon Prime); Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures (Disney); Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+); Black Panther (Marvel Animation); and Apex Legends: Stories from the Outlands (Electronic Arts). With three studio locations in Los Angeles, New York City and Vancouver, B.C. Titmouse employs over 700 of the most talented people in the industry. Writers, producers, directors, storyboard artists, animators, compositors and editors all work in house. Our state‐of‐the‐art sound studio is where many of our original TV shows, films, commercial work, branded and digital content are recorded.

Twitter: @TitmouseInc



Can the DAO be provided with relevant prior experience for the two proposed Executive Producers, charlottefang and kortelin? Resumes, portfolios, etc.

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Executive Producer of Untitled Spice DAO Original Animated Limited Series is Spice DAO. Core team represents the DAO when working with our partners. Our bios can be found in Governance Proposal #1 on Snapshot (passed Jan. 13, 2022)

$150,000 for a bible? No episodes written, just the bible?