ReedPOP x Astound x Spice DAO

ReedPOP x Astound x Spice DAO

Make the Dune Bible public by sharing the entire contents in person at three comic conventions in the U.S.A. in 2022: August 5-7 at C2E2 in Chicago; August 18-21 at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle; and October 6-9 at New York Comic Con in New York City.

Partner with ReedPOP, owner and operator of multiple comic conventions, and Astound, an architectural fabrication and brand experience company, to create a unique immersive experience to view the entire contents of the book live and in-person. Build a unique booth that will stand out on the convention floor and attract hundreds of thousands of viewers in each city. Special access and privileges will be given to $SPICE hodlers.

The convention circuit has been a major factor in the development of the Ethereum ecosystem by allowing founders and builders to meet each other. Comic conventions have had a similar importance in the growth of the comic book industry globally. The Festival de la Bande Dessinée d’Angoulême in France; Comiket in Japan; and the San Diego Comic Con in the U.S.A. have historically been the largest conventions in the business. By sharing the Dune Bible with its core fanbase Spice DAO will grow awareness about Web3 technology and help onboard the next million users to Ethereum.

Astound has created an original immersive experience to showcase the entire contents of the book in person. A darkened room in the shape of an oculus contains a large viewing area and the book on a podium. A professional art handler wearing white cotton gloves slowly turns each page of the book. A 4K camera shoots the book from above and an enlarged image is projected onto a curved screen. The design of the booth references architecture in contemporary art specifically the glass pavilions of Dan Graham and Roden Crater by James Turrell. The booth will be fully-staffed at all times with Spice DAO ambassadors and professional security guards. No mobile phones or cameras will be allowed inside the booth. No food or drink will be allowed inside the booth. The viewing space will be standing room only.

ReedPOP and Astound will be presenting different budgets to the Core Team over the next 60 days but general estimates are mid-five figures for convention floor space and mid-six figures for construction and maintenance of the booth (insurance, materials, fabrication, transportation, storage, staff, security). Marketing costs will be assumed by ReedPOP.

Tickets for admission to the booth can be sold by the DAO to generate revenue, or admission can be free with purchase of a convention ticket. $SPICE hodlers will have to purchase a convention ticket but get special access and privileges to the booth and potentially the convention.

Convention dates are August 5-7 at C2E2 in Chicago; August 18-21 at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle; and October 6-9 at New York Comic Con in New York City.

ReedPop was founded in 2006 to produce the very first New York Comic Con and have been launching and acquiring the coolest events all over the world ever since. We’ve always stayed true to our core beliefs of always putting our fans first, creating killer events and being as transparent and authentic as possible. We try our hardest to bring massive amounts of fun and excitement to the lives of our audience by creating content and experiences that are original, exciting, memorable and exceptionally awesome. We owe a huge thanks to our fans for fuelling this amazing journey that we are on, and we hope that you’ll continue to party with us in the future.

Twitter: @c2e2; @emeraldcitycon; @NY_Comic_Con

Astound is a best-in-class fully integrated experience design & fabrication firm that creates the unexpected and surpasses the ordinary for the world’s most beloved brands. We are experts at thinking differently, working efficiently and delivering seamlessly. Through our insightful, strategic approach we have crafted memorable, human-centered experiences that connect brands with audiences by focusing on personalized experiences that people are excited to share before, during and after. For over two decades, we’ve delivered transformative experiences and projects in 40+ countries across a wide variety of industries and have demonstrated our trusted capabilities and partnerships that deliver when it matters most.

Twitter: @ASTOUNDGroup



YES. This is immense hype.

Are there any volunteer positions available for becoming a booth attendee?
Either way, I’d love to be there at all three. At the very least, New York & Chicago.

(also, Spice DAO meetups outside the convention should happen. afterparty!!)

It will cost $1M to exhibit the book at 3 conventions this year. Is this the best way to make the book public? Please share your thoughts below.

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Haha. This breakdown seems a bit generous.
You can build a 5,000 sq ft mansion for under $1M

This is a 900sq ft booth made of fabric paneling and “premium” flooring. (the pre-existing floors aren’t good enough?) lol.

I love the vision, but it’s probably not the best way to make the book public. It’s pretty good, but I betcha we could do better.

another way to spend $1M

  • Spice DAO could host multiple small conventions and actually collect profits from vendors, exhibitors, & attendees. Smaller-scale events with Web3 orgs and individuals as panelists. Seek sponsorship from some companies. DIY build our own booth for a fraction of the cost. Collaborative workshops and networking opportunities all around. Think of it like testing grounds for experimental socialization of Web3 communities IRL. Convention centers can be rented, or just rent an abandoned Sears at some mall. Also private security rental.

This is very possible. There are some dope convention spaces across the US. One I’ve been to is the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta. Marketing for the event would have to happen far in advance. Las Vegas, NY, Chicago, wherever!

If the community is interested in something like this, I’d be happy to write up a full proposal regarding the initiative. I might do that in my spare time anyways.

this was just a spontaneous thought I had. figured I’d share it.

I think we need a breakdown of

  1. How much it would cost exactly ?
  2. Where does the fund come from ? (does the DAO pay for everything?)
  3. How much money will get back to the treasury, through ticket selling?
  4. Can we get any cultural subsidies from the state ? (dunno is such things exist in the US)

But basically make sure, we’re not getting into a financial hole, without any financial revenue.

EDIT : I love the exhibition idea. Just trying to see if there isn’t a way to reduce cost, and trying to understand how much revenue these kind of evet could generate.

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Based on the feedback above and in the Proposal Workshop channel in Discord it seems like the main concern is lack of revenue. If we can break even then cost is irrelevant.

In terms of the ballpark pricing quoted above, a lot of costs are due to union labor, venue charges, shipping, transportation - all costs that are outside of our control and non-negotiable. It is clear that to simply have a custom booth in three cities (as opposed to a regular table supplied by the convention) you must spend $300K+. To hire an experienced professional agency to create, organize and manage the booth costs $75K+.

So before we even consider what the booth is an initial commitment of $375K is required. This is simply the cost of doing business. Not cheap to build physical structures IRL. Makes you appreciate devs building with open source code on free WiFi.