$SPICE Hodlers-Only FAQ

Create an in-depth FAQ for more sensitive info pertaining to the DAO’s activities, accessible only by current hodlers.

Discord chat goes through a frequent cycle in which $SPICE hodlers ask Core Team for info pertinent to the operations of the DAO. Some of this info may not be appropriate for public view, considering the high profile nature of the project. In an effort to relieve Core Team of the burden of answering the same questions over and over, only to then have the answers lost to the chat archive, I want to create a second FAQ channel in Discord that is accessible only to verified $SPICE holders which contains this information.

Upon community approval of this proposal, I will take requests for topics that $SPICE hodlers would like to see covered in the FAQ.

After the request period ends, I will then search the discord, the forum, the DAO’s Twitter, Medium, and other platforms, for the desired information. If the info cannot be found, I will request it from Core Team.

Core Team, of course, reserves the right NOT to comply with requests at their discretion. If an answer cannot be obtained, the FAQ entry for the request will include an explanation that the desired information was unable to be offered at the time.

Once the answers are secured, the information will be arranged into an easy-to-read FAQ and delivered to Core Team for the creation of a $SPICE-only FAQ channel.


There’s a public FAQ channel in the Discord.

There’s a $SPICE-only channel in Discord.

Members often ask questions of Core Team that pertain to legal procedures, or other types of information that Core Team is not ready to make public.

Core Team has encouraged hodlers to be active in the operation of this DAO, which naturally means each hodler should have easy and organized access to the pertinent information they’d need to bring appropriate ideas to the table.

DYOR can be made as simple as clicking on the right text channel.


I will do this for free

The request period will last one week.

Though the timeline will depend on the amount of requests, I would like to have the FAQ completed in no less than 4 weeks time, pending the cooperation of Core Team in the collection of any info that has not previously been shared.

It is my understanding that proposals that can be covered under daily operations do not get voted on Snapshot. Since this proposal costs the DAO nothing, please indicate whether or not you support this proposal in the comments, as it will not be put to a vote.

In fact, if you already have an idea for an FAQ topic, you can include it in your comment supporting the proposal as a head start.

I’m a published freelance writer. It will be a simple matter for me to arrange the information in an organized and well-composed manner.



I’m all for it, man !