Tashka Animation

TL;DR A 60 second silent 2D animation of Tashka, the telekinetic network described in “Frontier South”.

PROPOSAL I would like to create an animated interpretation of the concept of Tashka from “Frontier South”. I can create a 60 second silent 2D animation in 3 months.

I am very inspired by Joe Bennett’s silent short 2D animations for Matt Furie’s Rare Pepes. https://www.rarepepes.fun/ and their elliptical storytelling. I also hope to use Peter Chung’s film work, both Aeon Flux and his short Matriculated from The Animatrix, as a thematic jumping off point.
I would like to create a similar self-contained piece in my own unique style visualizing the concept of Tashka from “Frontier South”.

This is the description of Tashka from “Frontier South”: Tashka is at once both lifelong-companion, hive-mind, religious belief & set of principles that all Hasblak abide by that was developed by the founding leader of the Vedrik dynasty. Tashka works via a physiological communications network, with all Hasblaks at birth inserted with an implant that connects their externally-directed thoughts towards a supra-network to which all Hasblaks are connected. The Gasik are the esteemed priesthood of this network, being elite Hasblaks who alone are permitted wider network privileges, and to intermediate traffic. The network also contains Vestri, mirror-intelligences without physical form who solely exist on the Hasblak network - each Hasblak is assigned a Vestri at birth to guide their learning and spiritual development, & little is known about their origins. Tashka & Hasblak are inseparable from cradle to grave; it is inexorable, inescapable and ubiquitous. (edited)

I charge $2,000 per week and it will take 3 months to complete 60 seconds of fully rendered 2D animation.

March - Concept and initial designs
April - Storyboards
May - Finished product delivered

$2,000 x 12 weeks = $24,000

I am an animator living in Montreal, Canada. My 2D animated music videos have been shown on NPR, Revolt TV, Time.com, Adult Swim and Vice. My artwork has been exhibited in Mexico City, New York City, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I was nominated for Best Art Design at the 2016 Juno Awards (Canadian Grammy Awards).




Ben introduced himself in the Discord #share-your-skills channel on Jan. 20 and the core team has been discussing ideas with him ever since. We 100% support this proposal and are very excited to hear the community’s feedback before we take it to Snapshot!


I’m here for the art and this is it!! I love the creative variety of your work.

I have two questions:

  1. Can the work be CC0’d so the community can iterate upon it creatively? (or similar license to allow creative iteration)
  2. Is the core team able to oversee the project and its deliverables?

I love how this project has the potential to double as an animated proof of concept.
I’m reminded of Jean Giraud’s rapid-fire sketches to visualize Jodorowsky’s Dune.

Cool stuff!

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  1. The DAO will own 100% of the rights to the “Tashka” animation, just as it does with “Frontier South”. Neither of those works are CC0 yet. Ben wanted to work with the FS IP and the Core Team did not charge him to license it. Instead we are working with him to support his creative vision which follows one of our publicly-stated mandates: to finance community projects using the DAO treasury as long as the proposal is approved by majority vote in Snapshot.

  2. Yes. The Core Team will oversee the project and its deliverables. Ben will be in regular communication with the Core Team who will share his progress on Spice DAO social media to present a behind the scenes look at what it takes to create an animated work.

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When I messaged the core team about my idea they thought it’d be best that the Dao owned what was produced to maintain the value of the Dao, which makes sense. We also spoke about how I would share progress and content. I am well versed with keeping collaborators in the loop with development and production with my decade of animation production experience working directly with collaborators.

The finished project, I aspire, will be as high quality as anything coming out of any studio. Giraud’s work is a big influence, although I hope to avoid any direct comparison for legality’s sake.


Congrats on the proposal passing!

Post some teasers of the work in progress if you feel like it.
No pressure, but I’m excited to see what you create. :+1: