Writing Competition Submission - Biosun System

Biosun System

From: LaPapaya



Two members of a laboratory-created race and two bounty hunters try to protect a child while traveling through the wastelands of a post-war America controlled by a mega-corporation.

Story Summary

The story follows Y-26 (aka: Eisen) and ME-D1C (aka: Medic), two members of a hybrid race created by Biosun System for basically cheap labor, called Bioflex. Medic is a prototype Bioflex that was going to be discarded by defects in her neurological part, made as a kind of combat medic, but managed to escape from the “Bioflex Farm” and end up in the suburbs of one of the megacities. There, she meets Eisen, another Bioflex, who works as a protector of Lya, the daughter of a rich medical couple in the city.

However, Medic’s presence in Eisen’s home brings unwanted attention from the Biosun System, which murders Lya’s parents and attempts to murder Medic, Eisen and Lya so that no one alive will know about the Bioflex prototypes.

The trio is only saved with the help of a criminal group of cyber terrorists (known as T.B.B) who have been following Medic’s trail since her escape from the farm, and who intend to help her to use the knowledge she has against Biosun System.

To keep the group safe, they decide to hide them in an underground refuge of escaped Bioflex in the wastelands of the east coast of America, called Terracotta. To lead the group to Terracotta, two bounty hunters are called in, Michael Terrance and Jon Stern. These, however, have also been hired by Biosun to reveal the identity of the T.B.B. leader so that Biosun can dismantle the terrorist group.

This in fact occurs, as in Terracotta they manage to find the leader of the T.B.B, a teenager named only “Peter”. Michael is reluctant to send this information to Biosun but does so, which ends up attracting a giant detachment of Biosun “Cleaning Agents” who try to invade Terracotta. Michael and Jon Stern relent, and help the inhabitants of Terracotta, T.B.B and Bioflex drive the Biosun agents out and try to escape from there, which in the end, they succeed.

The big secret that Medic possesses and that T.B.B wants to use against Bioflex is that the mineral that Biosun uses to create its technologies and the Bioflexes, Trentum, is actually the blood of colossal creatures that lie dormant in the heart of the earth. The neurological defect that Medic presents is actually Medic’s brain trying to contact the hive-mind of these colossal creatures.

Another big secret is that Peter is actually the illegitimate son of Biosun’s CEO, and a computer genius who hates his father for what he did to his mother.

Main Characters Description

Y-26 (Eisen): Eisen looks like a hybrid mix between human and bull. He has trouble expressing his emotions and needs to protect Lya.

ME-D1C (Medic): Medic looks like a hybrid between human and lynx. She has technology attached to her body that heals people. She hears voices in her head.

Setting Descriptions

The earth on this setting has been devastated in a terrible nuclear war. Today, the earth’s population is concentrated in large urban centers, controlled entirely by Biosun System and its subsidiaries, which boosted America’s technology rapidly after discovering the mineral “Trentum” near the earth’s core.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1

Medic escapes from one of Bioflex’s farms and manages to hide in the suburbs of a megacity. Medic sneaks into the basement of one of the houses and starts living in hiding there. She is found by Lya, and then by Eisen, and is helped by the two. However, Medic does not know that she has a tracker in her ear, and that a “Cleaning Group” from Biosun is being sent to the house.
At the same time, T.B.B was tracking the Biosun System transmissions, calling Michael and Jon to go to Lya’s house.

Episode 2

As Medic settles into Lya’s house, a group of armed Biosun men sneakily surround the house. The invasion occurs catching all three characters off guard, but Eisen manages to protect Lya and Medic as they try to flee. As they are close to escaping, they see Lya’s parents’ car arriving, and as they get out of the car, the Biosun agents kill both parents in front of Eisen. The trio is quickly surrounded by Biosun agents, however, a truck comes out of nowhere, and Michael with Jon show up to save the two, getting them aboard the truck and escaping.

Episode 3

The group manages to escape the city and stops at some ruins in the wastelands of the United States, where they hope to receive further instructions from T.B.B.They rid themselves of the beacon in Medic and are instructed to go to Terracotta. Medic hears voices in her head telling her to not trust in Michael or Jon, but she ignores that. However, their van is attacked by a gang of scavengers. The group manages to get rid of them after a battle and continue their journey. At the end of the episode, M.T. and Jon are shown contacting Biosun.

Episode 4

The group finally arrives in Terracotta - a refuge-city built inside a giant abandoned mine. There they meet Torg, the Bioflex leader of the city, and Peter, the leader of T.B.B. Peter talks to Medic, trying to find out why Biosun wants her so much, while Michael and Jon drink at Torg’s bar and make friends. Peter discovers that Medic has memories of where Trentum comes from as she remembers it as if she herself was one of the subterranean beasts. At the end of the episode, Michael contacts Biosun and reveals Peter’s location.

Episode 5

Michael and Jon prepare to leave Terracotta while everyone else is asleep. They feel guilty realizing that this could mean the death of everyone there, but Biosun’s money speaks louder. When they are out of the city, they meet with Biosun’s squad approaching to invade the city. They meet with the highest in Biosun’s line of command and receive their payment. In the city, Biosun begins to invade. Eisen must protect the Bioflex who flee the city while Medic goes with Torg to activate Terracotta’s defense systems. They fail and Bioflex manages to enter and capture Peter.

Episode 6

Michael and Jon regret accepting the money from Biosun, and using their abilities plus Peter’s knowledge on technology, sabotage Biosun’s equipment as they enter the city, causing Torg and Medic to gain time to activate their plan B: a bomb that will blow up the city and bury the entire Biosun detachment inside. Eisen must go back into the city and help Torg and Medic get out of there before the bomb explodes. They succeed, and the series ends with the Bioflex refugees fleeing to a new, unknown destination.


Action and suspense, but with a good dose of comic relief. Geared more to the teenagers group. However, even then, try to keep the shadow of the oppressive world surrounding the characters, and not use comic relief in a way that ends up subverting that environment, and even less in a way that breaks the tension at the most crucial moments.


The message that we will try to convey here is the importance of the lives of those we love in comparison to any materialism, and more subtly (or no so subtly), the dangers of desensitizing ourselves to other living beings to the point of seeing them only as objects or raw materials.

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niceee, i like how it concludes by the end with a good chance for more, while not being an “open” ending