Writing Competition Submission - Delta Alpha Omega


TITLE: Delta Alpha Omega, Blake Armstrong, 2/04/2022

LOGLINE: A rebellious, mute girl - cursed with visions of the future and the calamitous galactic war it holds - is caged by an ancient holy order seeking her power. The girl escapes but comes to find that her freedom invites pursuers from the holy order and sinister agents of the empire.


Our seer - CASSIE - is bound to a stone slab and guarded by KNIGHTS and seemingly tortured by a circle of PREISTESSES. The HIGH PRIESTESS is frustrated that she can’t break into Cassie’s mind. She offers Cassie a painful poison that would allow her to speak if she willingly takes it. Cassie spits the poison back in the high priestess’s face and the guards haul her back to her cell.

Her guardian, HOLY KNIGHT HECTOR, paces the grounds, searching for encouraging words and a apology.

But Cassie escapes her room.

Sneaking past knights, priests, and disciples, Cassie boards an idling courier ship and she slips away into the atmosphere.

She cracks with joy and tears stream down her face from the flood of mixed emotions - fear, excitement, and hope boiling out all at once.

She pours through maps and finds the nearest fueling station then punches in the coordinates and the autopilot guides her to a fueling station.

The fueling station ATTENDANTS are amazed to find a lone girl in such rough shape. They take her in and feed her, give her an extra coat, and slip away to discuss what to do with her.

Cassie takes a moment to observe the CROWD at the station - rough, disheveled samples from the worst species across the galaxy. They eye her down with suspicion.

But the fueling station attendants whisk her away from prying eyes.

They handcuff her to a pipe and debate how much she’ll sell for.


An explosion from outside. Gun fire erupts and the fueling station blows in total bedlam.

Its Hector.

He’s cutting down all the scum in his path.

Cassie’s captors bar the door closed and push furniture in front of the door. But it’s no match for Hector.

The door stoves in under Hector’s kick.

The men open fire on Hector. His shields deflect most of the energy and he cuts the men down with his sword. He brings Cassie back onto his ship.

But more ships tail him and Hector shoots them down only to realize they were scouts for the empire.

He scolds Cassie. They’re going to be followed and he can’t even take them back to the temple. They have to wait for the heat to die down and it’s all her fault.

Cassie has never felt worse.

To add to her misery, a seizure hits and visions of the future flood her mind - planets burning, Hector killing more men, Hector being killed by agents of the empire, Cassie being branded with hot iron, civilians running in fear as mercenaries torch their homes, bleeding eyes, an enormous monster, a ship of slaves, enormous cruiser ships plunging into oceans and slamming into mountains, and a sprouting seed.

When they land on a neutral planet for repairs, Cassie sneaks away while Hector argues with a mechanic.

Cassie turns back and sees the imperial guard has Hector surrounded. He draws his sword and a raging battle ensues.

He is going to be overtaken.

He is going to be killed.

Cassie could distract them, give Hector an opening, an edge, anything.

But she runs.

Now on her own, Cassie has to make her way through the galaxy without being caught by the empire, Hector and the holy knights, or any other force looking to hold her captive.

From here, Cassie’s road to maturity is recognizing what she has, what she lost, and what she can give to others.

While on the run, she meets a SLY THIEF who shows her how to navigate the dangers of being pursued.

ROYALTY on another planet demonstrates corruption and madness beyond comprehension.

She meets a pair of SLAVES, madly in love, that refuse to go down without a fight.

She frees a terrifying MONSTER and unleashes its power on a city.

A farming FAMILY takes her in and shows her love, compassion, and the importance of sacrificing yourself for the greater good. But the empire lands at the farm and burns it down, ready to kill the family.

Cassie reveals herself to save them. Hiding a small blade in her hands, she approaches the imperial guards.

She grips her blade, readies herself to die in this fight.


The empire’s ship explodes.

The guards turn to look at the destruction and Cassie pounces, driving the blade into the nearest guard she can find and wrenches the rifle out of the guard’s hands. The other guards turn back to her, rifles raised, and are shot through from behind.

It’s Hector.

Cassie throws her blade away and rushes to embrace him.

She gives him an enormous hug, sees his ship, then cuts the reunion short and boards his ship.

They take off and more empire ships follow. Hector goes to punch through the atmosphere, but Cassie grabs the controls and shakes her head - she points to the map where the destroyed city lies. Hector trusts her and brings the ship back down to fly through the ruined city.

As the chase continues, Hector’s flight destroys a few empire ships, but each one is replaced with two. A whole fleet chases them.

Until they reach the monster who Cassie freed.

The monster erupts with rage and gives Cassie and Hector a chance to escape while destroying the empire’s fleet behind them.

They punch through the atmosphere and warp back to the temple home planet.

Cassie is scolded by the high priestess, but cuts her off by gesturing for the poison. The priestess agrees and gives Cassie the bottle.

The poison flows through her body and opens her up to the same horrible vision of the future, but each image is multiplied and each multiple plays with a different outcome. The planet doesn’t always burn. Hector doesn’t always die. The people aren’t ridden down by mercenaries. And the seed does not sprout.

Cassie comes back to consciousness, takes a breath, and says her first and only line of the series - “I can see everything.”


CASSIE: A rebellious, mute girl who yearns for freedom - from her captivity and from the convulsions that give her visions of an unknown future.

HECTOR: Holy Knight of the ancient order and guardian of Cassie. He sees her spark, her spirit, and wants her to succeed in her training to become a member of the order and to overcome her mute state as well as her childish tendencies.

HIGH PRIESTESS: The highest ranking member of her ancient holy order, the high priestess is a matriarch with a firm hand and a singular goal - to hold the galaxy in peace through any means necessary.

IMPERATOR: The imperators are the sly guardians of the empire who fetch power for those above themselves. Special forces of the empire.



TITLE takes place in a futuristic, medieval setting similar to DUNE, STAR WARS, and THE BOOK OF THE NEW SUN.

Each episode takes place in a different setting to give the feeling of traveling great lengths on Cassie’s journey to maturity. From grimey slave ships to peaceful pastures, the story lends itself to a variety of shapes and color palates to enhance the themes and tone of each episode.


EPISODE 01: Cassie convulses with visions of the future while bound to a stone altar. The HIGH PRIESTESS offers Cassie a poison that will cure her mute condition if she willingly takes it. Cassie spits it back in the priestess’s face and is hauled off by her guardian, HECTOR. He scolds Cassie and leaves her crying in her cell. Guilty, Hector searches for an apology to Cassie. But Cassie escapes her bonds and flees to a fueling station in the next system. Two WORKERS kidnap her, ready to muder, but she’s saved by Hector. Hector shoots down some IMPERIAL SHIPS so they must hide on a neutral planet.

EPISODE 02: Cassie is completely defeated and morose as Hector flies them silently to another star system and a neutral planet. They land and search the merchant district for a mechanic. But on a neutral planet, everyone is hiding from something. Hector manages to find a mechanic who asks no questions, but demands a high price. Cassie sticks close to Hector and they keep a low profile, but word travels fast. The empire lands and the busy district turns to a ghost town. Hector and Cassie are surrounded by the empire. Hector fights, Cassie runs.

EPISODE 03: Living on the run, Cassie teams up with a SLY THIEF and a pack of URCHINS living a carefree life in the slums. Stealing food, staying warm, roaming the city. All is well until a DEBT COLLECTOR leverages the urchins’ lives against the thief but the thief leverages the debt collector to the CORRUPT CITY GUARD. The city guard recognizes Cassie so the thief sends her away with a friend of his on a ship leaving the system.

EPISODE 04: The ship Cassie takes refuge on is a slave ship. She’s the lowest rung of crew and befriends TWO SLAVES who are in love. Cassie slips them extra food, is caught, and is sold off with the slaves to the MAD KING of the planet. He sends the slaves to be sacrificed to their god. They are thrown into a cave where Cassie has visions of the near future and uses her foresight to save herself and the slaves. Cassie then sets the monster god free. It unleashes its wrath upon the mad king’s city. In the chaos, Cassie finds a sailboat and launches out to sea.

EPISODE 05: Alone and starving at sea, Cassie sparks with joy when she sees land. She braves an approaching storm and crashes onto the beach and is rescued by a FARMER. Nearly a year passes and Cassie is ingrained with the family, working as a ranch hand. Cassie and her mentor, MARTY the ranch hand, help teach the farmer’s daughter, WINONA, how to wrangle the livestock. But one afternoon, the livestock charge Winona and Marty takes it upon himself to turn the stampede and sacrifices himself to save her life. The family holds a funeral for Marty and Cassie is promoted to lead ranch hand.

EPISODE 06: EMPIRE SHIPS land at the farm and hold the family hostage. Winona tells Cassie to run, but Cassie turns herself in. But the empire ships EXPLODE! It’s Hector! They escape on Hector’s ship, but are followed. Cassie steers him toward the city and the god monster. It destroys the empire ships and they flee. They return to the temple planet and Cassie takes the poison from the High Priestess. Her visions return, but each image has multiple outcomes. Cassie sees all the branches of the future. When she comes out of her trance, she says “I can see everything.”

TONE: The tone of the piece is a coming of age story set against the epic backdrop of a pending galactic war - it echoes the feeling of Homer’s Odyssey.

THEME: The universal themes explored in this series revolve around maturity and each episode is used as a vehicle to examine different facets of maturing with concepts like “freedom” and how that concept can change as we mature.

CONTACT: Blake Armstrong. Blake@roboteatingrobot.com roboteatingrobot#4665 Discord


Since we aren’t allowed to post an images, I’d like to invite everyone to check out the film Nausicaa by Miyazaki to see the look I was envisioning. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0087544/

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